I would like to share some scam site for HYIP which is not paying money to the people.  So please do not invest money here.  I collect the sites from hyipexplorer.com which is very useful to know about the HYIP blacklists websites to get more information here.

HYIP Blacklists websites (Scam list) :

Oil Forex Trading                      -  www.oilforextrading.com
10000 Dollars                           -  www.10000-dollars.com
107percent hours                      -  www.107percentinhour.com
10 Daily Return                        -   www.10dailyreturn.com
A Handful of Dollars                 -  www.ahandfulofdollars.com
A Invest Club                           -  www.a-investclub.com
A.T.P Investment                     -   www.atpinv.com
A B Cash                                 -  www.abcash.biz
A B Credit                               -  www.abcredit.biz
ACE Entertainments                 -  www.ace-entertainments.eu
Acmos Trade                           -  www.acmostrade.com
Actis Capital                            -  www.actiscapital.com
AC Trade                                -  www.ac-trade.net
ADO Finance                          -  www.adofinance.com
Adult Invest                             -  www.adult-invest.com
Advertising Investment             -  www.advertising-investment.com
Afon Business                          -  www.afonb.com
After a Week                           -  www.afteraweek.com
Agave Invest                            -  www.agaveinvest.com
Age Union                                -  www.ageunion.com
Agnesco Investments                -  www.agnesco.net
Agri Fund                                 -  www.agrifund.net
AHM Investments                    -  www.ahminvestments.com
AI Fund                                   -  www.aifund.com
AIM Trust Online                     -  www.aimtrust.com

Please do not invest your money in above websites.